Sports Massage at Marathon

Sports massage helps to prevent injury if you are training for a sports event. Sports massage is designed to prepare the athlete to reduce fatigue and relieve muscle tension. At Kurilpa Chiropractic we use a variety of techniques to ease muscle tension. After warming up the muscles the focus is to address the attachments of the muscle, the muscle belly and re-align the muscle fibres. Trigger points can form in the muscle fibres which can refer pain elsewhere. i.e; Trigger points in the rotator cuff muscle (infraspinatus) can refer down the arm to cause tricep muscle pain. That is why it is important to choose a massage therapist who is trained in sports massage.

We use fisiocrem, a massage cream containing high quality herbal extracts derived from plants . These natural ingredients are Arnica, Calendula and hypericum. The fisiocrem is used to assist in treating soft tissue injuries, sprains and muscular aches.

Sports Massage

Benefits of a sports massage

A pre-event massage is a shorter treatment given immediately before a sports event. (From 30 minutes to 24 hours prior to the sports event. The aim of the sports massage is to increase your circulation, flexibility and mental clarity to improve your performance. The pre-event sports massage will vary depending on your chosen sport and how you are presenting at that time. If you are nervous, some soothing strokes will be best. If you are fatigued then a good leg flush or back flush to get the circulation moving throughout the body will help for preparation. Deep tissue massage is usually contraindicated during a pre-event massage as it may interfere with your muscles and strength so soon to the event.

  • Increases the efficiency or your training – Re-aligning the muscle fibres, fractioning tendons, ligaments and scar tissue through sports massage and trigger point therapy is essential for sports events. If you are training for an Ironman event, the Bridge to Brisbane, off road running or biking events, then Kurilpa Chiropractic is here to help you. Sports massage loosens up the tight muscles and stiff joints to allow for an output of power during big training sessions and on race day. An increase in the range of motion of your hips allows for more power in the hip flexors, quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings when cycling up a hill, meaning a faster climb.
  • Speeds up your recovery. Sports and deep tissue massage increases the blood circulation to allow for a release of by products in the achy muscle and a quicker recovery.
  • Decreases the risk of injury. Your massage therapist re-aligns the muscle fibres to allow for an increase in range of motion and less stress on the joints. Issues can be dealt with during the massage session before they get worse and cause potential injury or a risk of having to postpone an important sports event due to pain.

Post-Event Sports Massage

Recovery is the primary focus as athletes push themselves harder during an event. For example, during a marathon most athletes run a greater distance during the event than they’ve ever run during their training. A post-event sports massage is vital to assist a pain-free recovery. Your sports massage therapist will aim to relax your muscle tone, improve your recovery circulation, and restore your flexibility. This allows for a quicker recovery and return to training without the usual stiffness and soreness.

Post-event massage can also be that first assessment for potential injuries, and more serious medical conditions (heat exhaustion or hypothermia), which may be identified early and treated promptly.

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