What are the phases of Chiropractic care ?

phases of Chiropractic care

How long will the process take?

Phases Of Care

Symptom Phase

Symptom Phase

This is the initial intensive phase of Chiropractic care, an important phase where some days there are improvements and other days we can slip back to old symptoms. This is a re-education process for the spinal segments which are adapting to the adjustment.
Repair Phase

Repair Phase

The repair phase can take up to 6weeks. This is an important time when the ligaments of the spine are stabilizing. Muscles retrain and adapt to the adjustment of the spine. At this phase, you can perform gentle strengthening and stretching of the muscles.


This phase is when the spine has stabilized and adapted to a new pattern, where we are pain free and our joints are moving like they should. Your plan will depend on lifestyle stresses. The maintenance plan is cost effective, where the spine is checked every four to eight weeks.

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