So what are some common posture problems?
Forward head posture is the most common postural defect found in office workers. Round Shoulders are distinguished by the hunched over appearance it creates, and is a poor posture that is often associated with office workers.

Rotated hips can be caused by holding a poor position for a long period of time, such as sitting at your desk twisting to write as well as looking at the computer.

In severe cases, long term bad posture can lead to Scoliosis, a condition that results in the spine twisting from left to right, instead of running in a straight line from top to bottom.

e49c7541b82ff161789d585bdfa91eedSo how can we correct our posture?
The good news is that postural issues can be corrected, and even, in some instances reversed.

1. When in a working environment that requires a lot of desk and computer work, make sure your workstation equipment is ergonomically sound.

2. Take regular breaks – in fact you should take a 1 – 2 minute break every 30 minutes you spend sitting at a desk or workstation.

3. Book in for a posture check today with Adele Lorigan, your West End Chiropractor.

4. Stretch your muscles ! Stretching your pectoralis muscle helps to open up the chest and alleviate the stress placed on the neck. Try out the pec stretch below.

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